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Our History

For over four decades CycleVentures founders Mike and Linda Winter pioneered 65 epic itineraries and hosted over a 1000 cyclists during 150 different trips. Our itineraries have taken us to France, Great Britain, Scotland, the Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland, Ireland, Italy, Austria, Germany, Morocco, Croatia, Slovenia, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, New Zealand and of course Canada and the United States. They had passion; passion for great cycling, adventure, history and culture, delicious food and especially people. They truly loved to research a new region and share it with their guests and friends on a bicycle. This passion was contagious as riders returned year after year. Today CycleVentures is lead by Chris Winter who also operates a mountain bike tour company, Big Mountain Bike Adventures. As his parents did, Chris continues to create worldclass cycling trips in some of the most spectacular regions of Europe. Embrace life. Come ride with us.

Experience is Everything

As we’ve always known, there is nothing like setting out on your bike each day and letting the road unfold in front of you to reveal new adventures.  For over four decades we’ve pioneered over sixty-five epic journeys across Europe and hosted over a thousand riders. Join CycleVentures on your next trip and experience our renowned hospitality, classic routes and more.  Read more about why you should travel with us.